Andrew + Julie – Zion National Park Wedding

For over a year we have looked forward to Andrew and Julie’s wedding in Zion National Park. In some ways, the year that we had them on the books dragged on and on… and in other ways it was like, “Woah! Their wedding is already here!”

Over the phone and via e-mails we had the feeling that they were an amazing couple and that their wedding would be great. As soon as we arrived in the tram boarding area at the Zion National Park visitor center our suspicions were confirmed.

For their ceremony, they decided on the Temple of Sinawava… which is the beginning of the Riverwalk Trail to The Narrows. Steve Masefield officiated, whom we have worked with numerous times and highly recommend! The actual ceremony took place on the edge of a waterfall on the Virgin River with only a handful of people in attendance. Julie stressed to us that this was to be a “low-key gig” and didn’t want a lot of formal hullabaloo! Personally, these are my favorite kinds of weddings to photograph. Very low stress and a lot of love and meaning at it’s rawest core!

Please enjoy some of our favorite images from their wedding day!

Photos of us Taking Photos: Andrew + Julie

All I can say is… It’s been awhile.

Finally with our new babies not being so new, summer drawing to a close, and school starting back up next week the fog is lifting! We’ve been doing some business overhauling behind the scenes with downsizing, readjusting our pricing and reworking our product lines. Finally I feel we’ve gotten to a place of stability and are ready to reopen our doors so to speak.

Three weeks ago we got back on the saddle with a gorgeous wedding in Zion National Park.

Here are some photos of us taking photos!

New Beginnings

New beginnings are always fun. Firstly, We’d like to apologize to any current clients or prospective clients that may have felt like they were swept under the rug recently. Truthfully, we’ve been dealing with some stuff. Like growing our families.

Amy with brand new Evelyn, nickname Evy! (Left photograph by Natasha. Right photograph by Amy).

We know this has been mentioned elsewhere. Maybe here on the blog, or maybe on Facebook. I don’t know… the last several months have been a fog… but here are some reminders:

  • If you have already booked a wedding with us, we are still shooting your wedding! Don’t Panic!
  • If you want to book a wedding with us, we’re only booking new weddings or engagement sessions for late February, March and early April. (Natasha’s having a baby boy in May).
  • After our spring weddings (and one in July) we will be on leave for a undetermined amount of time while we adjust to our new circumstances.
  • We’re not going away forever, so continue to check back on occasion and see what we’re up to.
  • We still have past weddings to add to the blog. We will be slowly getting these up as we free up time.

XOXO! Natasha & Amy

Vintage Rentals

I was trying to get organized and going through all our recent weddings to see what needed to be blogged and found these.  This styled shoot was back in June and we didn’t put them online right away because they were for Vintage a la Carte Event Rentals and Love Locks’s websites which weren’t up yet.  So now that I’m finally getting around to them… here they are.

Props by Vintage a la Carte Event Rentals and Love Locks
Flowers by Olga Goddard- My Favorite Flowers
Thanks to our models Scott Stevenson and Tosha Orr Stevenson
Photography by Photo Love Stories and worked with Always and Forever Photography with Justin Jones and Lainee Read

Two Months?

It’s been 2 months since our last post. We had grand ideas for the fall including a styled shoot and many many fun blog posts to get the wedding ideas going. But then life kicked into overdrive for both Natasha and I this fall and we’ve been quickly falling behind.

Some of you may be finding this blog instead of our old… super wonderful fabulous website. This is because we have closed our main sight. This has happened for 2 reasons. 1st, it cost $40 a month… which was fine when we were doing weddings every weekend. 2nd, we aren’t doing weddings every weekend anymore because of several personal reasons and it didn’t make sense to keep it online plus a Facebook page plus a blog. The biggest let down with us letting the website go is that we no longer are able to make our websites and slideshows. This also means that the websites and slideshows that have already been made are no longer accessible. I may be able to continue the slideshows, but need to do a little research on how to make those live on the web without our old website. I can probably host them on this blog’s server… but like I said… I need to research.

The main reasons for these big changes is that we’re both expecting new additions to our family and simply can’t physically keep up in the highly involved and upbeat wedding industry. Some of us sooner than others. I for one should be ready to give birth in the next 3-4 weeks.

Our last wedding we booked for the year is on November 24th. We do not plan on booking any last minute weddings in 2012. We are taking weddings under consideration for 2013 up until May for now, but will be taking a very limited amount (as in MAYBE one a month). So if you are looking for a wedding photographer, give us your date and we will see what we have available. If we aren’t available we can give you a list of other fabulous wedding photographers in the area.

We will temporarily not be traveling out of the St. George/Hurricane area for weddings with the exception of the Zion National Park. We will however will be charging a new travel fee for this area. The reason for this is that we spend between 2-3 hours driving depending on if we’re headed to East or West Zion, we have to pay to pay an annual fee to drive through the park, and we use a lot of fuel that is really expensive these days.

We’re thankful for our super wonderful brides – past, present and future. We’re thankful to have risen to be one of the top wedding photographers in our area in such a sort time of 2 years. We’re also thankful that we’re able to take a step back and enjoy other avenues and time with our families. Even still, keep an eye out for us! We will hit the ground running once again in the near future and we’re excited for the things we will be bringing to the table!

Comment on this post or send us an e-mail via the contact section of this blog if you have any questions or comments. We will get back to you as soon as we can, although realize it may not be too speedy depending on when the inquiry comes through.

XOXO – Amy Hummel

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